Your 2019-2022 Collective Agreement is Signed

Good day and good news, Friends. Our fully signed Collective Agreement was sent to me yesterday afternoon, not too long before our General Meeting. I will be posting a copy of it on our Resources page.

On behalf of the Local, I want to thank our Bargaining Chair, Deborah Hopper, and the rest of the members who served on the 2019 Bargaining Team with me – Quinn Ramsay, Steve Schmidt, Rob Campbell, Judy Morris. I am also very grateful for the support of the National Reps who worked with us – Rob Hewitt and Cameron Eby – and the Regional Office staff who produced the numerous drafts of the final agreement – Kelli Lawrence and Mark O’Hare. Every single one of these people helped us get to this point.

In Solidarity,

Tiffany R. McLaughlin
President, Local 1858