How can I get involved with my union?

The CUPE 1858 Executive has been receiving a lot of inquiries lately about how members can get involved and help strengthen our union. One great way to do that is by becoming a steward.

Stewards perform services for members such as sharing when and where general meetings will take place, assisting members with questions about their rights under the Collective Agreement, and attending and taking minutes at manager and Human Resources meetings in support of a fellow member.

As a new steward, you’ll receive tons of support from other stewards and Executive members. You’ll have access to training sessions with CUPE BC, you can shadow other stewards in their meetings, and you can simply talk to another steward and ask questions. It’s very rewarding work, doesn’t take a lot of time, and means so much to the strength of our union.

To get started, email, or visit for more information.