What positions are available on my executive?

Interested in running for one of our vacant positions? We are currently seeking a Recording Secretary.
The position of Recording Secretary keeps our Executive and General Meeting records accurate and current. Your responsibilities will include taking minutes, sending out the notices of upcoming General Meetings, and performing as much stewarding for members as you like. Recording Secretary is an excellent way to ease into union activism and learn about the activities of the Executive. If you have excellent note-taking abilities and attention to detail, we want you!
We will also be holding elections at our December AGM for positions whose term is being renewed. Those are:
President, January 2022-December 2023 (incumbent Tiffany McLaughlin)

2nd Vice President, January 2022-December 2023 (incumbent Jenn MacPherson)

Deputy Chief Steward, January 2022-December 2023 (incumbent Deb Roe)

Recording Secretary, January 2022-December 2023 (vacant)

Trustee, January 2022-December 2024 (incumbent Wendy Kennedy)

Email cupe@viu.ca for more information, or to nominate one of your fellow members!